Marketing is worthless if you can't convert leads into clients. 


Match your product to an AUDIENCE 

 Build a Funnel 

Grow Your Sales


Markets are extremely competitive and people distracted, so be ready to put up a fight. You don't have a 'hustle' in-house ? No stress, we'll hustle for you. 

In today's context, you'll be spending your time on a tyre kicker and ignoring the cheque writer. You'll have to follow-up on a client more than once to close a sale.

At Convince, we have the tools and know-how to do so, we smell bullshit from miles away and we don't stop until we see written cheques. 


Specifically, what we do:

B2C Targeting and Conversion

1. Define winning audience through multiple tests.

2. Define and design an effective funnel 

3. Multi-platforms targeting 

4. Cart Recovery through retargeting

5. Convert visitors 

B2B Sales Hustle

1. Define your target market

2. Research and track every Lead

3. Evaluate their business, is it worth it ? 

4. Research Decision makers 

5. Follow-up calls and emails 

6. Capture all activity on your CRM system